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When Is The Best Time to Take Protein Supplements?

A lot of people I come across in the Gym, mostly newbies, keep asking the question about what is the best way to take protein supplements and grow muscles quickly. There is no exact time, but with methodological approach, one can master their Protein intake. So when is exactly the best time to take that scoop of whey protein?

Before we get into the talk about the timmings, lets first have a quick look on how much is the right amount? One could argue that it depends on your present weight and fat % or may be how much strength training you are doing. One might also say the more, the better. After all it’s protein, what harm can it cause. Unfortunately, none of these answers are even remotely close to answering the question on how much protein supplement should one gulp down in their smoothies.

Modern research has shown that over a certain amount, the body just cannot process protein quickly enough, no matter what size you’re on currently or what is your target. The key here is to understand how the body processes protein supplements and how it affects our muscle growth. The growth of muscle occurs when the human body is synthesizing more protein than it is breaking down, so that your muscles can grow more than they shrink. The synthesis and breakdown is a continuos cyclical process and in most cases controlling the synthesis is more of a practical option than breakdown.

So, what exactly can be done to optimize the synthesis and gulp down loads of whey faster? Unfortunately, that’s now how it works. Protein synthesis is pretty much natural, but strength exercise does tend to increase it significantly. The key to synthesis also is the amount of amino acids in the diet and also the overall metabolism of the body. This means, that essentially after some threshold, it does not matter how much whey you put into your smoothie. The threshold varies from 20g to 40g but a general milestone is the recommended amount of 30g.

So, now that we have addressed the topic of how much, lets come back to what time is the best time to take protein supplement:

1. First Thing after Waking Up (with or without exercise)

The morning is a good time for both protein intake and exercise. A bowl of oatmeal combined with a Protein Smoothie can help gain the positive protein balance needed in the body for muscle growth.

2. Sometimes, Pre-workout (before Evening workouts)

If the exercise timings are a problem for you and it has been about 2 or 3 hours, since you took your last full-some milk, it is recommended to have a Protein Shake with the supplements even Pre-workout.

This would ensure that your body has enough intake and amino acids to supplement your protein synthesis during the workout.

3. Post-Workout (No brainer, right?)

It goes without saying, that if you are taking protein supplements, it is expected that you are also doing a lot of strength training, lifting and cardio to have a balanced workout.

Protein in-take after a workout session goes straight into muscle repair and body building. It is recommended to take most of your Protein intake after a good workout, preferably in the morning!

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