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How To Train Your Brain To Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

People who try to lose weight by following a strict healthy diet, often fall short due to their food habits and the cravings for desserts. A research from Tufts University has now revealed that these cravings are often developed over time and can be systematically controlled and maneuvered to crave healthy veggies instead of fat and gluten! The key here is to control the brains reward centers to make you feel more satisfied when you eat healthy instead of fats and sugars.

This particular study revealed that when a group of people taken at random, with similar eating habits and cravings, behaved differently when some of them were put under the iDiet program vs those who kept on trying their own to eat healthy, but simply gave up on occasionally to their sweet cravings.

The program begins by enrolling to the iDiet plan and being part of a group. The Group is given instructions on what and how to eat according to their current weight and eating habits. Over the time, their progress is measured using a variety of techniques including brain MRI scans to identify the response patterns of their Brain Cells and reward system when they are just about to eat or finished eating on sugary and tasty junk food.

The iDiet plan works on the principle of Cognitive Diet restructuring, which ensures that your brain cells start liking healthier food more naturally against the unhealthy options that you often crave for. This way, slowly with the passage of time, when you are feeling hungry, your brain starts to naturally send signals to your entire body, to pick something healthy as if you are almost craving to eat healthy foods such as spinach or broccoli. The structured hunger control is an essential part of this iDiet program and hence it allows you to eat healthy and eat in control.

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