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How To Eat Oats For Weight Loss

There’s no better way to beat the morning hunger pants, than with a wholesome meal full of nutritious oats! However, if you are looking to lose some weight, you need to be careful about how you take each of your meals, including the nutritious oatmeal. Eating oats for weight loss requires some planning and in this post, we are going to see exactly how we can achieve that goal.

Whether you like to take your oats with fruits in a smoothie or like to cook them to a creamy bowl full of meal, the key is to maintain the balance of oats and the side ingredients so that the benefits of oats don’t get piled under the excessive calories. Oats are rich in fibre and thus they help naturally reduce the cholesterol. Oats are also proven to be beneficial in losing weight as these super rich fibre breatkfast dishes can help you keep full till long time after the breakfast, unlike other sugary meals, that make you feel hungry after a small time.

Oats for weight loss – Smoothies

Taking oats with smoothies is one of the fastest and most efficient way to consume the good food. However if you are looking to lost weight, make sure that your smoothie is made up of only natural ingredients and as few sugars as possible. One of the most common oat based smoothie is the banana, oats and peanut butter smoothie. It helps take in fibre and protein and keeps the added calories from sugar at bay. For kids, you can also add in variety by adding a flavouring food such as strawberry or peaches. Amanda nails it with this amazing collection of oat based smoothies!


Feel free to check out her recipes but be calorie conscious.

At the end it doesn’t matter much whether you take your oats raw or cooked, as long as you keep the extra calories at bay. I have some ideas for baked oat meals which I would be presenting in the next post! Till then, subscribe, read and share this :)


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