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How to be an Introvert and Be Comfortable Dating Extroverts? Introvert Dating tips

I have always heard from my introvert friends that Dating is not their thing. Some of them outright reject the notion of Love saying that it’s all psychology and understanding. Sure, that’s one way to look at it, but according to me, Introverts, just like extroverts can have real, meaningful relationships by dating other people. And it doesn’t necessarily involve dating other introverts!

The thing about being an introvert in dating is knowing your likes, dislikes and never letting it get heavy on your partner. This doesn’t necessarily mean changing yourself too. The core thing to understand is that there are no black and white bands which define a person as an extrovert or an introvert. It is a spectrum and that everyone falls into one of the gray shades of the same.

Here are 5 things that if you keep in mind, will help you immensely when you step into the dating world!

  1. Be calm and understand that your thoughts or words may surprise others
    Introverts tend to think differently. Sometimes, their thoughts are too deep and may not be comprehensible by their partners immediately. It is important to note here that you should give your partner some time to adjust and know your thinking. Don’t just give up by saying that your thinkings don’t match. It is one of the most premature problems introverts face while dating extroverts.
  2. It is okay to say “No” to loud parties. Sometimes!
    Many a time, I see relationships break due to the misunderstanding of likings and tolerance levels of the partners. While an extrovert partner should know your comfort zone, it is equally your responsibility to politely decline idea of a large crowd which you are sure to drain your energy out. Instead, you should suggest an alternative social solution that both of you can happily agree to.
  3. Introverts may like being alone, but that doesn’t mean complete isolation
    Sometimes you may feel like not going out for a dinner date that your partner had planned. If it is possible, don’t ditch preplanned dates, but incase of other days, let them know that you are in a mood to sit by your house and enjoy a hot cup of chocolate with your favorite novel. This doesn’t mean they can’t join you. Both of you can still be in the same room, under the same blanket and still do your own things. These kinds of dates, help keep the intimacy and also let your introvert energy recuperate.
  4. Respect the other person’s expectations and give them a surprise every once in a while
    If your partner is putting up an effort to let you be yourself in the relationship, you can give them a surprise every once in a while. You can go out with them or suggest throwing a party of your own. This doesn’t have to involve you connect with hundreds of people for the whole evening. You can do your thing and be in a corner for the most part of evening and it would still make them happy.
  5. Be straightforward, Always
    Sometimes, Introvert-extrovert combinations just aren’t the right fit. Mind you sometimes they can complement each other and kick-ass too! The thing here is to remember to be yourself and be honest to your partner. Don’t pretend to like something that you don’t and don’t pretend to not mind having something not present that you most utterly look for in your relationships. Only once the fundamentals click, can the rest of relationship be fruitful!

That’s it for now! So just go out there and make the most of today!

Why yoga is must during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling for women, there is no better feeling than the movement of a life inside of you. A baby fills a gap inside a person that was unknown to that person. To hear a tiny little heartbeat next to yours is an unbelievable feeling that only the mother can feel. Learn Why Yoga is must during pregnancy:

Just as good a feeling it can be, it is also really very stressful for the mother to be. One very effective way of reducing the stress induced due to pregnancy is by doing prenatal yoga. The benefits of prenatal yoga is unparallel, there is no other way which is as effective as prenatal yoga. It is a complete workout not only for the body but also for the mind. It is really beneficial for the relaxation of the body and mind. The philosophy behind prenatal yoga is that by daily practice, the body is returned to its natural function so it can better take care of itself during the pregnancy phase, one becomes more centered and relieved from stress. It will also help the potential mother to be to have more flexibility and developed muscles.

Doctors say that the benefits of prenatal yoga are incomparable to any other medications or any other habits. Studies have showed that practicing prenatal yoga can have a drastic improvement in the would-be mother’s health. It improves the sleep to a huge extent.

Yoga soothes the mind and the body simultaneously and thereby improves the sleeping habit. It also reduces stress and anxiety. Prenatal yoga increases the strength and flexibility of the muscles other than that it also improves the endurance of the muscles involved during pregnancy. One of the common symptoms of pregnancy is back pain and nausea, prenatal yoga is equally beneficial for coping with these symptoms. Other than that it is also helpful in reducing the chance of having carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and shortness of breath. It also Decrease the risk of preterm labor, pregnancy induced hypertension and intrauterine growth restriction, a condition that slows a baby’s growth.

Prenatal yoga is one of the best things that you can do for yourself, as well as your growing baby.


5 ways Yoga can help mend a broken heart

Many people tend to have a complete chaos in life when someone they deeply love, breaks their heart. They find it so difficult to move on that they lose every hope of their heart ever being healed. Practising Yoga can help tremendously to heal a broken heart. Here’s Yoga can help mend a broken heart:

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3 Yoga poses & asanas for better Sexual arousal and Desire

If you are facing a dull patch in your sex life, yoga asanas can help you. In today’s metro life, sexual desire and arousal in both men and women is becoming low rapidly than the average levels of about a decade ago. One should perform the complete Ashtang Yoga and make it a part of the daily routine to achieve wholesome benefits of Yoga. In the meantime, if you want to fix your life between the sheets, consider practicing the following 3 poses (Asanas for better sexual arousal) :

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Yoga and Parenting : 4 ways in which Yoga can make you a better Parent

In today’s stressed-out and fast life, we often miss out on the value goals we set to preach our children. Being a working parent is tough, but not impossible. If you practice yoga for health benefits, here’s something that will cheer you up further.  Yoga and Parenting is a newly emerging field of research where Yoga’s benefits are known to benefit both the child and the parent.

Yoga when performed completely (Ashtang Yoga), gives you the mental and physical strength to cope up with the challenges of modern day parenting. Yoga’s basic philosophy of the 8 limbs when applied to your day to day life can help you keep calm and be a pop-star mom! Yoga and parenting go hand in hand, We are not talking about just the asanas here, Yoga includes the mental and the physical aspects along with meditation. These can combine to help you be a better parent.


  1. Yoga gives you the strength to look at the bigger picture
    Parenting can be challenging and not everyone can hold the best of themselves with young kids. The Yamas teach us some of the most helpful principles which can help us being a better parent. When you practice yoga, compassion comes naturally to you. This will help you ignore all the negative energy and frustration that is generated for a parent with young kids and baby duties.
  2. Yoga is Fun!
    If you can teach your young child to enjoy yoga, they can discover a world of their own. Yoga is found to be popular among kids especially when done in groups with parents. Try to mix it up with vacation retreat tours, kids yoga camps and a little family yoga session on weekend to let your kids enjoy themselves when doing yoga.
  3. Values and Samskara
    Believe it or not, when we teach our children values from a behavioral aspect rather than a religious obligation, we always get better results. The Yamas and Niyamas if taught correctly at a young age, can mould your child to be a good person. Thus yoga takes care of a lot of your parenting work :)
  4. Stress Benefits
    I cannot stress (pun intended) enough on the mental and physical benefits of yoga that help in managing stress. The better you are able to manage your stress, the more friendly you are with the kids.

Thus Yoga and Parenting can be something that can both help you achieve inner peace and true happiness.