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6 Ways to be Happy After a Break Up with Yoga

Heartbreak is felt by each and every one of us and it kills us inside slowly and painfully. We all seek how to end this feeling of despair and sadness, but no one yet has come up with an effective solution. For the rescue comes yoga, Yoga is a practice that helps to keep you in your heart. It is about connecting with yourself, helping you to turn loss into gain, a chance to gain some wisdom, mental strength and moving on after a painful breakup. Yoga is the perfect complement to a break-up recovery plan. A breakup often leave us feeling vulnerable, exposed, insecure, fragile and experiencing self-doubt about some of our decisions and yoga really does helpĀ us in moving on.

Here is the list showing 6 Ways to be Happy After a Break Up with Yoga:

  • Enjoying the solitude

Post-breakup phase is the perfect time to indulge in yourself. Learning to appreciate the time that you set aside for yourself for your yoga practice can cross over into other areas of your life. Yoga will enable you to have a great mind and a great body.

  • Reenergize

The wonderful thing about yoga is that it starts with a body warming phase which allow you to focus in on your body, establish your presence in your practice, and gain momentum as you move on from your breakup.

  • Know your strengths

Yoga will teach you to channel the negative energy into something positive and extraordinary. It will direct your focus to the positive things in your life and how to pull yourself away from the negative and show you true strength.

  • Happiness

Happiness creates a natural glow in everyone and yoga helps you to do that. Use yoga to channel your energy to something positive and laugh your problems away.

  • Nourish you body

Once you start practicing yoga you will see significant improvement in your body that will help you to deal with the post break up situations.

  • Mood and energy

Yoga is famous for its ability to heal and bring peace of mind. Practicing yoga will lift your mood and bring positive energy to your body.


5 Qualities to Have If You’re Planning to Travel Alone

People who want to explore the world or just find their purpose in life often take up travelling alone as a way to their journey for self-discovery. While there is nothing wrong with this, you might want to know what you’re going to come up against when you travel alone. You may start travelling alone just out of curiosity or circumstances, but a few days into the journey, the feeling of struggle and pain starts creeping in. It’s almost like you’re back in college again, with everyone around you feels a stranger and they’re all engrossed in their own life.

This is actually the period when your real travel begins. It is a cycle and happiness does follow the pain, but it comes quickly to those who know how to get it. So, what are these qualities that make these solo trips life-changing for some people?

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