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How To Eat Oats For Weight Loss

There’s no better way to beat the morning hunger pants, than with a wholesome meal full of nutritious oats! However, if you are looking to lose some weight, you need to be careful about how you take each of your meals, including the nutritious oatmeal. Eating oats for weight loss requires some planning and in this post, we are going to see exactly how we can achieve that goal.

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How To Train Your Brain To Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

People who try to lose weight by following a strict healthy diet, often fall short due to their food habits and the cravings for desserts. A research from Tufts University has now revealed that these cravings are often developed over time and can be systematically controlled and maneuvered to crave healthy veggies instead of fat and gluten! The key here is to control the brains reward centers to make you feel more satisfied when you eat healthy instead of fats and sugars. Continue reading How To Train Your Brain To Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

How To Maintain Health While Working In Night Shift

A lot of people that I come across, especially in the metro areas complain that the lack of day time they have is the main cause behind their obesity and ill-eating habits. A lot of these people, actually do have a lot of day time, but they end up spending it sleeping, since they are working night shifts for most of the month.

People who work in night shifts, generally tend to skip a meal every once in a while, have irregular eating habits working shifts on their jobs, and have generally no exercise schedule. These people generally tend to have risks of heart disease and stroke. If you find yourself, a bit helpless and belong to this category, the following 5 tips can help you maintain health while working shifts:

1. Have a stock of healthy foods available at home and office

One of the main problems that people in shifts face is that they don’t get enough time to choose the foods they consume. This happens specially when you are very hungry in a break from work or just rushing to office and you would munch on anything that you can get your hands on! The more processed and read-to-eat foods or fast foods you consume, the more damage you are doing to your health. Instead  of Carb filled diet, try keeping a fresh stock of green easy to eat veggies like carrots, or fruits such as apple, banana instead of munching daily on a pack of cookies.

Also keeping a stock of dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, walnuts and apricots which are super rich in nutrients and fiber and can give a quick energy boost.

2. Follow the Meal before Shift pattern

People who earn their living working shifts, tend to sometimes change their sleeping patterns to just survive the 5 days and enjoy on weekends. While this may sound like a plan for your social life, it causes harm to your health in the long term. Try practising making your meals before the shift, or have the preparatory parts done before you leave for work, so once you are back, you can just heat them up in a few minutes and get some healthy meals for eating.

3. Pack your meals to work

People who tend to work night shifts often have the habit of pickup from fast food joints or eat junk food from the canteen on a regular basis. Instead, try to inculcate the habit of packing your meals when you leave for work. Working shifts doesn’t mean you need to compromise on what you eat.

4. Sit while you eat

Another important tip that I would like to give to my fellow readers is to make time for your meals. Working shifts doesn’t mean you always eat on-the-go. Have a break, sit and relax and enjoy your food. This is normal even for people working in night shifts.

5. Do moderate exercises and keep yourself hydrated

You should always drink plenty of water throughout the days, no matter which shift you are working in. Also, brisk walks and couple of stairs up or down the days will go a long way in keeping you in shape.

5 Ingredients Through Which Weight Loss Supplements Can Help You Get Your Ideal Shape Faster!

If you have come here looking for a magic pill that will let you lose 50 pounds in a week, there is no need to read further! This is not a blog that wants to sell you fake products or advertise mumbo-jumbo stuff and loot you of your precious earnings! However, if you are trying on your own to lose some weight or interested in giving a sincere effort to get fit, no matter how overweight you are, I bet this post will be useful for you!

If you have come here looking for a magic pill that will let you lose 50 pounds in a week, there is no need to read further! This is not a blog that wants to sell you fake products or advertise mumbo-jumbo stuff and loot you of your precious earnings! However, if you are trying on your own to lose some weight or interested in giving a sincere effort to get fit, no matter how overweight you are, I bet this post will be useful for you!

At NirvanaYogi, we believe, when things are done holistically, ever small contributing factor magnifies and the efforts get reflected in the end result. The same is the case in weightloss and the use of weight loss supplements. While Weightloss supplements don’t work on their own, they can truly be magical, if you have a disciplined lifestyle, and a little effort from your side to get fit! So let’s learn all about these diet supplements that help in losing calories!

How effective are weight loss supplements?

While there is no one magical pill that will shed kgs of your tummy, there are products in the market, which are scientifically proven to help you lose weight by a variety of factors. These products, work in different ways on your body and help you lose the weight, some by making you less hungry, some of them by burning the extra fat or some by just changing the body’s metabolism. There are some common ingredients on which these weightloss products are made:

  1. Chitosanchitosan powder

This sugar, also known as Chitosan Ascorbate is one of the common weight loss supplement ingredients. While it is not universally accepted as the weightloss super pill, there are many studies that have shown that Chitosan is effective in preventing the body tissues absorbing Fat and cholesterol. In this way, it is rather a preventive supplement than a one which helps in getting rid of the existing fat. However, there are many good products in the market based on Chitosan which can be used as Weight loss supplements. The easiest form of this is Chitosan Capsules which can be taken as a part of regular diet.

Chitosan extraction takes places from the shells of lobsters, crabs and shrimp. The amount of fibre in chitosan helps prevent the absorption of fats by the body.

  1. Chromium Picolinate

chromium Picolinate

Another powerful and popular weight loss ingredient is Chromium Picolinate. This is a form of an insulin which enhances the body’s metabolism which helps convert more food into energy rather than storing it in the form of fat. It is popular among fitness enthusiasts as it lets them have a balanced diet without compromising much on some of their favourite food.

Chromium Picolinate should not be used if there is a hereditary history of Kidney or Liver problems or if you are a regular alcoholic. For others, this one is a popular weight loss supplement ingredient.  Similar to Chitosan, Chromium Picolinate is mostly taken up in the forms of pills or tablets, usually as a part of daily diet.


If you are looking more to burn your existing fat than to prevent the intake of new one, Keto DHEA is the weightloss ingredient,  that you should definitely give a try. This ingredient is known to be a popular fat burner and there are enough scientific papers written which prove its effectiveness already.

However, Keto DHEA should be taken in small quantities as it is a non-hormonal steroid and should be checked on individual basis for any allergies or side effects.

7 keto DHEA is available in the form of Capsules.

  1. Green Tea ExtractGreen Tea ExtractWhile I had earlier highlighted the benefits of green tea for skin and hair, Green tea is also known for its health benefits from the inside and known to be a great fat depressant.

You can try drinking a cup or two of natural green tea daily for its wholesome benefits, or also take it in the form of supplement capsules as a part of your diet for its weightloss benefits.

  1. Ginger
    Ginger Extract
    milled ginger isolated on white


one of the most common herbs used in Indian households, Ginger paste and Ginger powder are quickly becoming popular internationally for weightloss. This is one of the natural weight loss supplements that can be made part of the daily diet for curbing fat build up and burning the calories.Ginger root capsules, Ginger powder for smoothies are two of the popular ways to include this supplement in your diet.

Apart from these 5 common weight loss supplement ingredients, studies are ongoing for a variety of other mineral extracts that can help lose weight in today’s crazy fast lifestyle. If you’ve tried something new recently, don’t forget to mention it in the comments below!

Green Tea for Hair Loss – How can it benefit you?

Are you tired of trying all the toxic chemical solutions and cosmetics for your hair loss problems? It’s time you switch to more natural ways to counter one of the most common problems of the modern lifestyle, Hairloss!

I have seen people in their 20’s complain about frequent loss of hair, most of which is attributed to pollution, fast food habits and work related stress. While, one cannot change the way one lives and works immediately, you can still switch your remedy efforts from harmful chemicals to natural products and green home made recipes to cure yourself from these inevitable problems such as hair loss.

So, how can Green tea be beneficial? Do I drink it or Do I apply it to my scalp?

  • Powerful source of Anti-oxidants: Green Tea Contains a lot of Anti-Oxidants! These are the magical ingredients that help our body fight ageing in general and also strengthen the hair!
  • Natural Source of Vitamin B: Green Tea for hair is awesome, as it is one of the natural sources of Vitamin B, the vital nutrient that you find on the packs of all chemical cosmetics and hair care products. The Vitamin B in Green tea, helps prevent split ends and makes you hair soft. This helps it strengthen the hair from inside and prevent breakage.
  • Abundance of “EGCG” : Green tea contains the anti-oxidant EGCD, known as epigallocatechin gallate which is one of the key anti-oxidants that stimulate natural hair growth!
  • Anti-inflamatory: Many people complain of burning sensations in Scalp before they start seeing strands of hair on their comb. This is due to inflamation of the scalp. Green tea helps restore the pH balance of the scalp and thus stop hair loss.

So, now we know how green tea, is beneficial, but the question still remains, How do I use green tea for hair treatment?

The answer is pretty simple, embrace it in all its forms! 😀

The first option is to have a hair rinse, as normal, and massage some freshly brewed Green Tea in your scalp and rub it gently. This helps the scalp cells absorb the Green tea and make its benefits directly reachable to the roots of your hair. Keep it on for 10-15 minutes and then gently rinse it off with cool water.

The second option is to let the tea do its magic from the inside! This is something that I personally recommend as its benefits are available to more than just your hair. Cultivate a habit to have a cup of green tea daily instead of your Calorie-loaded milky Assamese Tea! In a couple of months you will start feeling younger and see the tea do its magic! :)