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Yoga and Programmers – 3 Points that Prove A Unique Bond

I have heard many a times that Yoga is not for Coders or Geeks who typically sit in the same position for hours, staring at a bright screen and working their brains out to “Make this world a better place!”

These are the same people that cry that Yoga or fitness is just not for them. As long as their brains are healthy and they can code day-in day-out, their health is just fine. This is a clear misconception.

Here’s why Yoga and overall Physical fitness is essential even for the brightest of minds!


While the geeks may call themselves clever, not giving any importance to physical fitness proves that the person lacks wisdom. While using your brain day-in and day-out, may help you burn some of the calories, you still need to give your body holistic exercise.

Wisdom goes well beyond cleverness. Wisdom is something that can be learnt or gained with time but not something that can be explicitly taught. Wisdom involves empathy or intuition while cleverness may not even be remotely related to it. Wisdom is also knowing what you don’t know and being at peace with it.

2. KARMA YOGA: Developers can do all they want but results may not be controlled

I seen thousands of bright minds in the silicon valley doing their work with a lot of passion, throwing in all-nighters to complete their project sprints or modules. However after ensuring everything goes right, sometimes new releases or features just doesn’t click with the audience. This is exactly what Yoga can help you be with peace at.

According to Karma Yoga, one should be concerned with doing one’s actions right, without worrying about the consequences. There is no point in being obsessed with the ever-going cycle of goal, productivity and results. Set out with smaller milestones, but don’t be disappointed or stress yourself, if the results timeline does not go as per plan.

Follow the path of Karma Yoga, which says that you have the right to action but not the control to turn the result!

3. Yoga teaches to face yourself mentally and physically

Developers tend to think very fast, draw up SWOTs , Pros & Cons for virtually every decision they take. This generation likes to live in the moment, but have you ever given a thought to how your decisions are actually shaping yourself? Have you ever wondered what your gut is trying to tell you?

Sometimes, we ignore our intuitions & gut feelings, which often get clouded by the Charts and analysis sheets even though deep down somewhere, our mind knows that we may not have made the correct or at least the morally correct choice. Practicing Yoga, helps you overcome the fear of confrontation. Yoga helps you listen to your heart and your instincts. This way Yoga and Programmers , do indeed have a unique bond.

Niyama Yoga: what are Niyamas

The Second limb of Yoga, according to the 8 limbs of Yoga defined by Patanjali Yoga Sutras are the Niyamas, which means the Rules. The Niyama Yoga are principles designed for Self-governance. Together, Yamas and Niyamas make up the self-behavior aspect of Yoga. When we introspect, we come to know that Niyamas are far more intimate and affect us personally rather than socially. One can simply say that while Yamas teach us how to act socially, Niyamas teach us self-governance and how to act with one’s self.

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