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3 Ways in Which Meditation (Dhayana Yoga) Improves You From Within

Benefits of Dhayana Yoga

Scientists and Yogis alike have been researching the effects and benefits on Meditation and Dhyana Yoga on human mind for ages now. Most of the times, we hear or read online, something getting validated, that has always been around in yogic Shashtras for centuries. Here are some benefits of Dhayana Yoga to get you started on this Awesome journey:

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Dhyana Yoga: what is Dhyana Yoga

  Dhyana Yoga

Dhyana Yoga refers to the act of worshiping the divine or performing an abstract deep meditation with the thoughts of the divine. It is the 7th limb among the 8 limbs of yoga. One can also consider Dhyana as contemplating the reason for existence and remembering god with peaceful thoughts. The aim of the meditation exercise is to know the truth about our beings and the act of reuniting with oneself.

Here is a short video that explains Dhyana Yoga :

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Dhyana is also the penultimate step before one attains Samadhi. Hence Dhyana is an important limb in Yoga. It is often said that Dhyana yoga or deep meditation actual brings about a lot of self-realization in the people.  “The body, senses, breath, reason, mind, and ego are united with the object of Dhyana’s contemplation – Which is the Universal Spirit.”