Dhyana Yoga: what is Dhyana Yoga

  Dhyana Yoga

Dhyana Yoga refers to the act of worshiping the divine or performing an abstract deep meditation with the thoughts of the divine. It is the 7th limb among the 8 limbs of yoga. One can also consider Dhyana as contemplating the reason for existence and remembering god with peaceful thoughts. The aim of the meditation exercise is to know the truth about our beings and the act of reuniting with oneself.

Here is a short video that explains Dhyana Yoga :

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Dhyana is also the penultimate step before one attains Samadhi. Hence Dhyana is an important limb in Yoga. It is often said that Dhyana yoga or deep meditation actual brings about a lot of self-realization in the people.  “The body, senses, breath, reason, mind, and ego are united with the object of Dhyana’s contemplation – Which is the Universal Spirit.”


Beauty Detox Basics – how to detox your body the right way

Are you looking for a quick glow recipe to rock that party next week? Are you looking to clean your body of the toxins but not sure how? By now, you must have read numerous articles on the internet about the magic of detox. But sometimes, being ignorant about beauty detox basics can land you in a lot more trouble than benefits. If the detox routine is not planned with proper nutrients, you can look glowing but weak at the same time!

So, How to detox your body the right way?

One of the most important things to consider during planning your cleanse program is that your efforts should target cleaning your liver first. Liver is a natural cleaning organ which god has blessed us with and it is exposed to a lot of toxins due to our modern lifestyle.
A good cleaning program starts with nourishing the liver so that it can start the natural process of cleaning our body from within. Keeping this in mind, here are the tips that you should consider while planning your beauty detox:
1. The program should have a Food Plan
Most Detox programs rely heavily on external nutrients through supplements. While this may be helpful to reduce fat, it is not an alternative to food. So you should go with a plan that has a balanced diet.
2. The Diet
This is the tricky part, wherein based on your body type, you should select the diet with the right amount of nutrients for daily intake. Roughly, some of the things that every diet for detox should include are Kale, Broccoli and other cruciferous veggies, beet root, carrots, cabbages and a lot of citrus fruits.
3. Never go down on Protein
Dieting for detox can be difficult and as I mentioned earlier, at the end of your program, your body should not look pale because of all the energy drain. It is important to keep your protein levels up along with the cleanse so natural vegetable sources like beans, seeds and nuts can always help.
4. Avoid Processed foods
When you are on a cleanse, you cannot consume dairy products, cereals, processed sugars or alchohol. These are things stress the liver and hence should be avoided.
5. Keep Hydrated
Drinking juices is one thing, but sometimes your body also needs water. Infact abundance of it, if you are exercising too! Hence never stop drinking enough water during the day.

5 ways Yoga can help mend a broken heart

Many people tend to have a complete chaos in life when someone they deeply love, breaks their heart. They find it so difficult to move on that they lose every hope of their heart ever being healed. Practising Yoga can help tremendously to heal a broken heart. Here’s Yoga can help mend a broken heart:

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Pratyahara Yoga – Controlling your senses through Yoga

Pratyahara is the 5th Limb in the 8 limbs of yoga. It is the penultimate action that we take from our side before becoming ready to unite with the divine. Pratyahara Yoga is mostly about withdrawal of the senses and submitting oneself to the divine. The word “pratya” is a prefix that roughly means to draw away from the one that is the source and “Ahara” means the source of nourishment. Hence Pratyahara is the practice of withdrawal of senses.

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